3.5 stars out of 124 reviews

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26 May 2023 at 22:38 Very good, very tasty. The only 'but' is the size of the samosas, much smaller than last times.
20 Apr 2023 at 9:33 It was a bit salty.
29 Mar 2023 at 22:23 Very tasty!
24 Jan 2023 at 22:59 the rice was not properly cooked and the spoon was not included , i guess that why it is so cheap
27 Aug 2022 at 20:30 Smaak was heerlijk. Binnen de tijd en warm bezorgd! Een minpuntje is dat er teveel rijst was en hierdoor de rijst erg geplakt was. Ik zal zeker nog een keer bestellen, heerlijk!
21 Mar 2022 at 10:32 Aloo tikki chat and samosa chat tasted good. They weren't warm enough during delivery. Veg frankie had a very chewy wrap, and not a crispy one. Delivery was slow. The whole experience was unfortunately not a street food experience for me.
10 Mar 2022 at 19:26 GOOD TASTY